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Smart Cities

Juganu’s platform brings together all technologies necessary to turn urban spaces into smart operable environments.

A smart city is a digitally connected municipal area that uses various information and communication technologies to operate services and utilities. The idea is to increase operational efficiency, quality of service, sustainability, and public engagement.

Juganu's unified platform already provides Brazil, Mexico City, Philadelphia, Arlington, and San Diego seamless Wi-Fi access and smart city technologies.

All it takes is to replace lightbulbs.


Juganu’s platform enables seamless 5G connectivity indoors and outdoors without antennas.

5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks, connecting virtually everyone and everything, including devices, objects, and machines. The technology allows the connection of IoT, delivers higher data speed, performance, and capacity than its predecessors.

Juganu’s game-changing technology JNET2 is an integral part of our lamp and delivers 5G access to end-users without the need for antennas. The lamp also converts 5G signals into Wi-Fi, allowing every device that utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity to benefit.

Antennas have long been a visual and environmental hazard in our cities. On top of that, installation involves construction cost, time, and effort and is often cause for public objection. Juganu offers a solution that eliminates the need for antennas and the negative consequences that come with them. Simply replace the lightbulbs in your existing lighting fixtures and establish your seamless public Wi-Fi/G5 network.

Juganu, Nokia, and Qualcomm have recently launched the Conecta5G partnership for the installation of 5G networks by operators so that smaller cities have connectivity access. Twelve cities in Brazil have already joined the program, marking a revolutionary advancement for wireless connectivity.

Smart Retail

Juganu provides the digital tools to efficiently manage and optimize physical retail spaces such as malls, supermarkets, fast food arenas, big boxes, gas stations, department stores, convenience and drugstores.

You gain complete and unprecedented insights into store operations and customer behavior. With these deep data-driven insights, Juganu ensures brick-and-mortar stores can keep up with the competition from digital stores.

Major retail chains in Latin America and the U.S. already enjoy the benefits of using the single intelligent platform.

Juganu's platform provides multiple, robust retail management applications.

Customer Journey
Instore customer journey Supporting customer Loyalty programs Heatmaps show how customers are moving through the store.
Merchandising & Planogram Compliance
Inventory Mangement Data from visual sensors ensures that items are on the shelves.
Queue Management
Optimizing Customer Assistance
Long queue times alert management to open checkouts.
Staff Management
Employee Enter/Exit count
Density count during operating hours.
Person walking through a retail store

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